Opereto is a privately held company established in 2014 and based in Ra’anana, Israel. It is the provider of OperetoBox™, an enterprise-ready continuous testing framework enabling computer software organizations to deliver higher quality products 10x faster at a fraction of the cost. The name “Opereto” comes from the combination of Operations and Operetta, a light and cheerful version of the opera

The story behind Opereto

The test automation industry has dramatically changed over the last decade with lots of commercial and open source tools flooding the market. The old one-stop-shop school of buying and implementing a suite of solutions from the same vendor had given its place to a new best-of-breed paradigm: using tools from different sources, assigning the best tool for each task. However, with the increasing usage of different tools and technologies, new challenges came up, orchestration and collaboration! Test automation seemed like an orchestra without a conductor. As more tools were involved, the integration of those tools made complicated and required a broader range of skills and techniques, hence, an efficient cross-teams collaboration.


For most companies nowadays, the continuous testing automated cycle involves many developers from different teams, several programming languages, a variety of tools and technologies: open source, commercial, in-house developed, on-premise or cloud-based. Companies must spend a fortune on building their custom-made test lab automation infrastructure to overcome the orchestration and collaboration challenges. Small startups cannot afford it and mostly count on manual testing or partially automated solutions. Bigger organization are forced to invest much time and efforts in developing an automation framework although it is not their core business. Writing the system tests is their major concern!


As scale grows, the continuous testing framework requires more efforts: integration with other tools, bug fixes, handling performance issues, central logging, versioning control, roles and permissions management, ongoing maintenance, user interfaces and reports, usage documentation, etc.  Eventually, it becomes a bottleneck to the whole software delivery process.


Dror Russo, the founder of Opereto, has been specializing for the last 18 years in designing and implementing tailor-made test automation infrastructure at hi-tech companies. He has been working with small startups as well as big brands like IBM and RedHat. With the evolution of the industry, he experienced the lack of an effective continuous testing framework on a daily basis at his work and decided to change it.


On 2015, Dror joined forces with Mr. Lior De Picciotto and Mr. Hagai Russo, two veteran hi-tech sales, and operations executives and Mr. Ariel Tunik, and experienced technologist that had faced the same testing need managing distributed development teams and software projects. Together, they raised a private investment, built up the team and created Opereto, a new innovative multi-purpose continuous testing framework built on the latest cutting-edge technologies.


On August 2016 the first GA version was released for both SMBs and large enterprises. OperetoCTH (Continuous Testing Hub) is currently available in AWS marketplace as well as a virtual appliance/cluster for other cloud and on-prem environments.


The founding team

Founder & CEO
Dror Russo

Dror brings 20 years of experience in designing, developing and leading test automation software projects for a wide range of business domains: networking, storage, digital marketing, mobile and BI in leading technology organization: CheckPoint, IBM, RedHat, RedisLabs and others. BA in computer science & philosophy, Open University of Israel.

Founder & VP RnD
Ariel Tunik

Ariel is a veteran software developer and leader with close to 20 years of R&D experience, managing, developing and innovating, in startups (eGlue, Zerto) and leading enterprises (Amdocs, Nice Systems). Ariel holds a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Haifa University and an MBA from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Founder & BD
Lior De Picciotto

Lior has more than 25 years experience in the hi-tech industry, including sales management at IBM, President of Orbotech Pacific, VP Business development and strategy at Orbotech LTD, and worldwide Business director at Mentor Graphics. Lior holds a BA in an economy & political science from Tel Aviv University / MBA from Edinboro University.